Alchemix is a mixology tool that can both instantly infuse and carbonate liquor. Alchemix uses food safe N2O gas to rapidly infuse ingredients that are difficult to juice or muddle into alcohol, and food safe CO2 to carbonate already mixed cocktails for a finishing bubbly touch.
Responsibilities: Market Research, Initial Concept Development, Design Refinement, Prototyping, Testing, DFMA Optimization, Overseas Production Management
Alchemix In Use:
Traditional liquor infusion is a slow process, unfriendly to experimentation and creativity.  A single round of mason jar infusion can take days or weeks to impart flavor, and only then do you know if your combination tastes good!
Existing rapid infusion techniques use a whip cream canister to inject N02.  The process feels very messy and hacked together - workable for a serious bartending professional, but intimidating to a home bar enthusiast.  We sought to package the functionality of this technique into a product that delivers a seamless mixology experience at home.
The primary challenge in developing Alchemix was to facilitate a safe and enjoyable user experience around a high pressure vessel.  Rapid infusion relies on the violent release of gas that has worked its way into the ingredients, releasing micro particles into the liquor.  We also prioritized a transparent infusion chamber to display the visually exciting nature of the process.
We worked through many iterations of form factor and mechanical orientation to create a system that prevents the user from opening the liquid chamber while pressurized, avoiding a messy surprise.  To accomplish this we developed a sliding sleeve that locks the mid section to the bottom when the top of the unit is screwed down, preventing the mid section from being unscrewed mid-infusion.  Rigorous physical prototyping and testing was the cornerstone of developing Alchemix for safe use at home.