Acid Rain Technology is a collaboration between myself and Michael Yenik, a software and electrical engineer with a shared passion for electronic musical instruments.  We are a brand of synthesizer modules for the Eurorack format - an open standard of size, power requirements and signal voltages that allows small manufacturers across the globe to produce unique tools that are compatible with each-other within a musician's system.  At the moment we have 4 modules on the market, with several more in active development.
Branding // Hardware UX // PCB Design // Electronics Manufacturing // Photo + Video
Developing and manufacturing a low volume technology product has been an incredible learning experience - expanding my technical skills as a designer and navigating the unique world of small scale electronics manufacturing.  Bringing a concept through production to the hands of friends and enthusiasts is incredibly rewarding, especially when I know my work will help others make music!
Interview with prominent music technology content creator Red Means Recording about the formation of Acid Rain Technology and our approach to designing synthesizers
Video overview of the functionality of Maestro - our most complex and multifunctional device yet
Thoughts about product entrepreneurship through the lens of my journey so far
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